Ben Juniper has factories in Shantou and Chengdu, China, as well as in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our China-based factories are specialized in the development of yarns, color matching, and various sweaters with highly complex variations, etc. The factory in Ho Chi Minh City primarily serves for mass production and 3D vamp fabric development.

Our in-house manufacturing includes handmade textile products and various automatic knitting machines. Our skilled hand-knitting team is specialized in the traditional knitting crafts of pointed needle knitting, crochet, and embroidery. We also operate 300 Stoll and Shima Seiki automated knitting machines. These are able to produce sweater fabrics from 2 gauges to 16 gauges. We also maintain several on-demand stitching and electric embroidery machines that allow us to customize our manufactured products to customer specifications.

Our team also has a strong background in professional technical design which allows us to easily solve problems concerning size and the production process to deliver better, more on-time solutions for our customers.

Hand Knitting

Handcraft Embroidery


Yarn Pre-twisting

Stoll in 2-16 gauge

Shima Seiki in 2-14 gauge

Machine Embroidery


Handmade Embroidery is one of Ben Juniper’s strengths. We can stitch a variety of complex embroidery patterns, including chain embroidery, flat embroidery, pleated embroidery, beads, sequins, and more. We can also embroider on custom patterns.


With the knitting needle, there is no limit to the number of yarns and variations that can be stitched.


We can hand-knit a variety of garments including scarves, hats, heavyweight sweaters, cardigans, etc.


Crochet is another specialized craft offered by Ben Juniper. We have our own pattern design team and can produce items such as small pins, scarves, hats, clothing accessories, home decorations, and sweaters.


Ben Juniper is specialized in fancy yarn, blended yarn and color matching and can easily produce fancy, 2-6 color yarns used in  the knitting of different kinds of sweaters and  textiles.



Shima Seiki is a world-class automatic knitting machine that can produce an entire garment without a single seam.


Our Shima Seiki machine can produce sweaters and knitting fabrics from gauge 2 - 14 as well as 3D knitting shoe upper.



Stoll is world renowned for its ability to manufacture the vamps of Nike Fly Knit. It can deliver high quality fabrics and garments at incredible speeds.


The Stoll automatic machine we use can produce sweaters from gauge 2 - 16, cardigans, scarves, and 3D shoe uppers.


We can also, when needed, produce imitation handmade-embroidery with an electric embroidery machine. This is a more efficient option with a lower labor cost.


Our machine can also produce items, such as chemical lace, that require special production processes.

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