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Established in 1986, Ben Juniper Enterprise Co., Ltd. is among the most experienced sweater manufacturers in Taiwan. For years, we have worked with care and dedication to create outstanding garments of the highest quality. The climate may be changing, but the feeling of comfort a high-quality sweater provides never does. Most of our clients are leading European and Scandinavian brands like ZARA, OYSHO, Le Mont Saint Michel, MarMar and Bloch, etc.


Ever dedicated to innovating more sophisticated and higher quality sweaters, we have reinvented and refined our development process. By working closely with independent designers to rethink outdated approaches, we’ve developed functional 3D vamp fabrics, etc. We’ve also streamlined and integrated thinking, design, order taking, and manufacturing into powerful and efficient system that allows us to continually improve our customer experience.


Ben Juniper originally reached success by manufacturing classical Christmas sweaters. With operations based in Taipei, we built our first factory in 1989 in Shantou, China. By introducing automated knitting machines (Shima Seiki, Stoll, etc.) we finally had the capability to develop major lines of high-quality, complicated sweaters. Ben Juniper continued to expand, building a second factory in Vietnam in 2000 before establishing another branch in in Chongqing, Sichuan in 2002. Today, in addition to sweaters, we perform design R&D on 3D vamp fabrics.


Our primary concern for every garment and sweater we design or make is quality. Every piece of our management system, including the operational, business, sales, and quality control processes, has been built and rebuilt by our experienced staff to give our clients peace of mind and ensure the highest-quality at every step. All of our factories meet or exceed the quality standards demanded by our clients, such as Inditex and Disney. Additionally, as we care about our planet, we do have the certification of Global Recycled Standard and Better Cotton Initiative.
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